MMVM Speed Blitz

As Mahoney MV Motorsports continues to strive for the highest standards in racing, the time has come to reveal our premier race track, MMVM Speed Blitz Circuit, in Happy Homes, Detroit, for top-level racing competitions!

Owning a property in the neighborhood will be a rare privilege as we release our first batch of limited track properties at a below-floor price. We have listed 75 track properties at 300,000 UPX each but we’ll be accepting 75,000 UPX offers for them, while the neighborhood floor price is at around 100,000 UPX!

Map of listed properties at MMVM Speed Blitz Circuit

Owning one of those first batch properties comes with extra perks, namely:

  • Free Gold MMVM Speed Blitz NFT, with the following associated privileges:

Priority to list at our metaventures: BE Plaza, Planet Football, Auto World and all our future metaventures.

Priority to join the MMVM Racing Academy with reduced costs, wherever applicable, once BE training becomes a reality on Upland.

Priority access/ support for our panoply of projects and services.

Get a free entry-level NFT for all future Utility MMV NFTs.

Priority to mint limited higher-level NFTs for all future Utility MMV NFTs.

Get whitelisted for the exciting NFT collection we plan to launch after Q2 2023.

Access to limited events and giveaways.

  • Free Bronze Spark Staker NFT for spark staking opportunities to earn dividends from our Manufacturing & Retail operations, under our Stakeholders’ Program.

Information about our first Utility MMV NFT, the Spark Staker NFT, can be found here.

  • Free Honeycomb NFT, while our stock lasts, for getting WAX verified on our server, to enable automatic tracking of the ownership of our NFTs.

There will be no further drops of the Gold MMVM Speed Blitz NFT. Only way to get one of those NFTs in the future will be to buy one on the secondary market from an NFT Holder!

Together. Stronger. Higher. Welcome to Happy Homes!

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© 2024 Mahoney MetaVerse Hodlings.  All Rights Reserved.

© 2024 Mahoney MetaVerse Hodlings.  All Rights Reserved.