Happy Homes Giveaway Bonanza


Last Updated on: July 25, 00:00AM PT

Hey Uplanders!

We know you’ve been waiting for this. So, let’s straight away unveil the long-awaited specifics of the Happy Homes Giveaway Bonanza.

Starting 10th July at 10.00am PT, till 24th July 11.59pm PT, you’ll be tasked to perform specific activities to earn points. The more points you earn during the event, the higher your chances to bag the jaw-dropping reward in the giveaway draw!

As we start the event, a suave ‘Series 2’ car will be up for grabs! But that’s just the beginning. The stakes will get even higher as you all work together to unlock a more prestigious reward to replace the ‘Series 2’ car! When your collective points tally hits 75,000, we’ll introduce the sleek ‘Series V Passenger’ car as the reward! Reach 100,000 points, and an exquisite ‘Series 1E’ car becomes the giveaway draw reward. And should y’all collectively cross the glorious milestone of 150,000 points, the grand prize will be none other than the coveted ‘Series 1R’ car!

While there will be a single winner of the grand prize, decided by a wheel-spin draw involving all participants, with each one’s chance directly proportional to the individual points earned, we are also throwing a ‘Genesis Go Kart‘ into the mix to be awarded to the one who tops the leaderboard!

Now, how do you get your hands on these points, you ask? Well, it’s simple, fun, and engaging. Here’s how you can pile on your personal tally:

    • Performing a ‘Send’ to specific MMVH properties gives you 1 or 2 points. (Please check list of eligible properties*)

    • Buying an MMVM Speed Blitz racetrack property in Happy Homes, and holding it till the end of the event? Now that’s a whopping 3,000 points.

    • Or buy a non-racetrack property in Happy Homes, hold it till the end of the event, and gain a cool 2,000 points.

    • Building on your property in Happy Homes will add 250 points to your tally.

    • And if you want to rack up points without even leaving Discord, invite people to our server for an effortless 2 points each! (When you invite people, do NOT use the discord invite link provided in the #about-us channel on our Discord. Instead, go to ‘Invite people’ and use the link provided there, else your invite might not get recorded.)

There is no limit to the number of times you can repeat any activity daily, throughout the event.

Keep in mind that unlocking the more prestigious rewards will be a collective effort. Spread the word among your friends on other servers/nodes/communities to work together towards that ultimate milestone! Did we say that y’all are starting at a collective tally of 43,000 points?! (Since we announced the MMVM Speed Blitz racetrack back in April, we’ve had some early adopters grab some racetrack properties and start building already, and we have decided to give the holders the corresponding points) This means that y’all are only 32,000 points short of unlocking the ‘Series V Passenger’, 57,000 points short of the ‘Series 1E’ and 107,000 points off the ultimate grand prize, the ‘Series 1R’.

Properties which are available to be purchased under this event can be viewed here. (All properties are owned by Rizey. Racetrack properties are at 75,000 UPX while non-racetrack properties are at 50,000 UPX. We might add more properties to the list, as and when required, during the event. In case you prefer to buy in USD, properties can be made available to you at USD37.50 and USD25 respectively.)

Additionally, buying a Happy Homes racetrack property under this event will grant you a Silver MMVM Speed Blitz NFT and a Bronze Spark Staker NFT while buying a non-racetrack property will grant you the Bronze Spark Staker NFT! You can read about the perks associated with the Spark Staker NFT here.

The Happy Homes Giveaway Bonanza is your chance to grab some cool NFTs with awesome perks and race away with the ride of your dreams, as a proud Series 1R owner. But hurry! The clock’s ticking, and you have just two weeks to maximize your chances.

Let the fun begin. Here’s to making Happy Homes even happier!

Notable Fact: Happy Homes is where our racing team, Mahoney MV Motorsports, plans to have its premier race track, MMVM Speed Blitz. The neighborhood rose from the 1200th+ position to currently 84th on the Neighborhood Ratings Leaderboard since we bought the node in April 2023, and we are just getting started with its development!

*Eligible properties for performing ‘Sends’:

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Happy Homes Giveaway Bonanza

Leaderboard Last Updated on: July 25, 00:00AM PT Hey Uplanders! We know you’ve been waiting for this. So, let’s straight away unveil the long-awaited specifics of the Happy Homes Giveaway

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© 2024 Mahoney MetaVerse Hodlings.  All Rights Reserved.