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MMVH Stakeholders’ program – Sharing the wealth within our community

MMVH is a strong proponent of community-building and synergistic cooperation between community members, for mutual gain.

Further to our initial announcement, we are pleased to introduce our Stakeholders’ program where we’ll be inviting y’all to join hands with us, become a stakeholder and earn dividends, in our Manufacturing and Retail (M&R) operations.

MMVH M&R intends to provide a full-range service from design and 3D modelling, through production at its factories, wholesale distribution, off-the-shelf retail selling at its showrooms to delivery. Currently, MMVH has factories in Los Angeles, Chicago & Detroit, and showrooms in Los Angeles, with 1 more factory under construction in Las Vegas and 2 more showrooms under construction in Detroit & Las Vegas, and another showroom scheduled to start soon in Chicago, with a fleet of transportation vehicles consisting of semis, pickup trucks and soon cargo vans.

How to become a stakeholder in MMVH M&R operations?

To get the program started, we have identified 2 stakeholder options:

  • You are a 3D modeler making outdoor decors. You’ll be invited to submit your original 3D models to us. If approved by the MMVH team to go into production, you’ll be paid dividends according to a pre-agreed % based on the net profit resulting from sales of that decor across all our showrooms over Upland.
  • You have spare spark. You’ll be invited to stake your spark towards our production orders, and earn dividends proportional to the amount of spark staked, based on the net profit resulting from sales from the corresponding production order(s) across all our showrooms over Upland.

Calculation of net profit & Dividend payout

30% of sales revenue will be withheld by MMVH, to cover administrative, marketing and other operational costs, and re-investment into the business for expansion throughout Upland by buying properties in new cities and building new factories and showrooms, buying new transportation vehicles, maintaining our existing fleet of vehicles, among others.
The remaining 70%, after deduction of any additional overhead costs such as transportation, once this becomes reality on Upland, will represent the net profit.

Dividends will be paid out of the net profit to respective stakeholders, at each end of month.

At this time, while we wait for Upland to allow the operation of factories and showrooms on a large-scale, we are inviting y’all to indicate your interest in our Stakeholders’ program options on our Discord so that we can notify you once our M&R operations start running. At that time, we’ll also be in a position to provide more accurate figures/ estimates about dividends.

Over time, we’ll gradually expand the MMVH Stakeholders’ program to provide more stakeholding opportunities to our members across our various other projects and services!

Together, stronger, higher!

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© 2024 Mahoney MetaVerse Hodlings.  All Rights Reserved.